A tranquil blend of Coriander, Bergamot, Chamomile, Star Anise and Geranium therapeutic grade essential oils. For use with AiliA Creations CTFO Amulet or in ultrasonic diffusers. *Do not apply directly to your pet's body.

One 5ml eurodropper bottle of Zen Dog essential oil blend. Aventurine Buddha not included, although he sends Zen-like vibes to your peaceful pooch!

Zen Dog Essential Oil Blend

  • Zen Dog Essential Oil Blend is a special combination of essential oils proven to demonstrate anti-anxiety action in animals. Intended to assist in alleviating mild anxiety in dogs related to stressful events such as car rides, veterinary visit or new situations. All the ingredients have been carefully researched by me and thoughtully blended for optimal balance for your furry friend. They have then been graciously tested and puppy-approved by Emerald (featured AiliA Puppy model). Rest assured she is amply compensated for her efforts through her own personal monthly Bark Box, her very favorite organic, non-GMO clean diet frozen raw food, and lots of salad (kale and microgreens are her favorit!). She also demands plenty of lap time, which I happily accomodate, while I update the AiliA website. 


    Zen Dog Essential Oil Blend has a citrus aroma with floral uldertones. This is a full strength, undiluted therapeutic grade essential oil blend including essential oils of coriander, bergamot, roman chamomile, star anise and geranium. Nothing else. One 5ml bottle supplies about 80 applications.


    Here's some science if you like that kind of thing:

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    1) For use with AiliA CTFO Doggie Collar Charms: Remove collar from your pet's neck. Apply one drop of Zen Dog essential oil blend directly to the lava rock and rub in. Replace collar on your pet's neck. The therapeutic aroma from the essential oils wil passively diffuse into the air around your pet. Reapply essential oil to lava rock every 4-5 hours, or as needed.

    2) For use in ultrasonic aromatherapy room diffusers: apply Zen Dog essential oil blend to essential oil ultrasonic diffuser according to manufactuter's instructions.

    *Full strength essential oils should never be applied directly to your pet's skin.