Fits wrists up to 7 and 1/2 inches

Unisex Chrysoprase and Tibetan Wood mantra bracelet

  • Chrysoprase: Spiritual detoxification. A stone of forgiveness, compassion and hope. It is a heart chakra stone, assisting in expanding the Heart Field. It helps us in understanding our interconnection with all things, creating feelings of connection and alleviating feelings of separation or issolation. Being a Heart stone, it is excellent for manifestation work related to new relationships, in this case a new relationship with our Self. It also activates the heart field, encouraging our growth into a state of Love and Compassion, which is vital to the "right use" of our strength and power.


    Metal Tibetan "Om Manu Padema Hum" etched bead: "Om Mani Padme Hum is the quintessential Mantra for cultivating Compassion and Wisdom. "Mani" means diamond and represents our highest divine Wisdom. Padme means Lotus Flower and represents our highest divine Compassion.


    Tibetan Wood: grounding. growth.

    Materials: Authentic Tibetan wood beads, Crysoprase bead and metal om mani padme hum mantra etched metal bead on elastic.


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