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Transformation: Red Quartz with actinolite
  • Transformation: Red Quartz with actinolite



    Quartz measures 2 inches in length. Sterling Silver Chain 16 inches. (other lengths available upon request).

    • Gemstone Attributes

      Red quartz with Actinolite: Red quartz supports the process of burning away old karma leaving the soul ready to start anew, like traversing through a purifying flame. It assists in finding the gift in every situation. It supports perseverance and overcomes frustration, bringing in joy. This stone promotes self forgiveness and prevents the physical manifestation of negative emotional states which can cause illness. Red quartz is said to illuminate one’s soul path for them to follow. Actinolite’s presence adds shielding from negativity and psychic attacks. It instills in one a feeling of connectedness to all things. It removes barriers along one’s spiritual path and highlights “right times” to take action as well as showing the value in “mistakes”. This stone is also helpful to those who have “lost their way” or are looking for a new direction. Actinolite connects you to higher levels of spiritual awareness. This wonderful crystal combination brings body, mind, spirit and psyche into balance.

      Black Spinel: Used to relax, release, and let go of worry and resistance. A stone of revitalization, it brings fresh energy where it is needed and helps replenish depleted energies. It is also a stone of new hope, releasing past associations so forward movement can more easily take place. Black spinel in particular assists in grounding high frequency energies in the physical body, helping one to integrate energies associated with spiritual growth and expanding consciousness. Through it's support of "letting go", black spinel is also helpful for those who are struggling with the grieving process or who feel past traumas are still significantly affecting their life.

      Labradorite: Opens spiritual pathways and attunes to your soul's purpose in incarnating, connecting to intuition and guidance from your highest self. Assists in residing in a state of “being” and focusing on the infinite possibilities of the moment. Wearing labradorite helps one maintain an awareness of the multiple layers of reality occurring around us all the time. It strengthens & protects the energies in the auric field of the wearer.

      Rainbow Moonstone: Positive protective stone, deflecting, transforming and purifying negative energies and clearing the psychic senses. It is particularly helpful for maintaining clarity of the energy field while working on an intuitive level. It invites a positive frequency into the energetic field, easing emotional trauma. It brings a quality of emotional balance, harmony and strength. Rainbow moonstone is a powerful healer of the emotional body. In this aspect, by promoting optimism and nurturing the light in the heart, it can be particularly helpful for those who are exposed to daily stress or who carry deep emotional traumas or grief. Rainbow moonstone is particularly attuned to the "Goddess" energies, which can help one to successfully empower ones feminine aspects.

      Materials: Argentium Silver wire, Req Quartz with actinolite inclusions, black spinel, labradorite and moonstone accents.

    • Return Policy

      All sales are final.

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