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Tiny Lapis circle earrings
  • Tiny Lapis circle earrings


    Earrings hang 1 inche.  Circle is 5/16 inches in diameter. Karen Hill tribe Silver earring hooks.

    • Gemstone Attributes

      Lapis Lazuli: Inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts; stone for discerning and speaking truth; inner vision. Supports the path of self-knowledge which leads to the discovery of one’s inner Divine nature. Activates the third eye, facilitating development of intuition and access to spiritual guidance. It is known as a stone for the intellect, supporting both learning and teaching. Gifting a friend with Lapis jewelry is a symbolic catalyst for a mystical journey to higher awareness. 

      Karen Hill Tribe Silver: Karen Hill Tribe is an artisan community in northern Thailand. They make all their silver pieces using traditional tribal methods and primitive tools. Each piece is a handmade work of art. Karen Hill Tribe silver pieces are all 95-99% pure silver as compared to Sterling silver which is 92.5% pure.

    • Return Policy

      All sales are final.

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