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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise chain with feather pendant
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise chain with feather pendant


    Sleeping Beauty turquoise. 18 inch necklace chain. Front sterling silver toggle clasp with Karen Hill Tribe Silver Feather charm, Quartz accent.


    Sleeping Beauty turquoise is prized for its gorgeous blue color and is getting harder and harder to find as the mines in Arizon where these deposits are found are closed. 

    • Gemstone Attributes

      Turquoise: Protection. Wholeness and well-being. Communication and Truth. Spiritual expansion. Turquoise is said to help us remember that all aspects of ourselves are important in our learning, growth and evolution and assists us in valuing and integrating these aspects into a complete whole. Turquoise has also long been used by shamans as a power stone and a stone of protection during ceremony.

      Clear Quartz: Clarity, Intention, holds programmed energies, spiritual awareness, amplifies energies of other stones. Known as the Master Healing Crystal. Strengthens and stabilizes the body’s energy fields and promotes harmony. Amplifies positive thoughts and stimulates positive action when it is needed.

      Feather (Karen Hill Tribe Silver): Spirituality, Transformation and Freedom

      Karen Hill Tribe Silver: 95-98% pure silver (sterling silver is 92.5%) made using traditional tribal methods and primitive tools by the Karen Hill Tribe, an artisan community in Northern Thailand.

      Materials: Authentic Sleeping Beauty Turquoise chain (on burnished silver wire), Karen Hil Tribe Silver Feather charm, quartz accent.  **Due to the nature of the authentic gemstones, color and size of stones will vary.


      *Information provided for educational and interest purposes. Not meant to replace appropriate medical care.


    • Return Policy

      All sales are final.

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