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Rainforest Jasper Amulet
  • Rainforest Jasper Amulet

    Hope, Renewal, Invigoration & Energy through Nature’s Power & Wisdom: 

    This Rainforest Jasper Stone just called to me yesterday and this was the creation that was born :) Here, with clear quartz, peridot, african turquoise and chrysocolla. The patterns on this Jasper are truly beautiful and the pendant has a nice weight. There is a natural depression in the center of the stone which is embracing the clear quartz point. It speaks of Nature and the Wisdom we hold deep within us, which is also the Wisdom of the natural world. This piece is about our interconnection to all things, and the power that is accessible to heal ourselves, each other, and the world when we honor that connection. This is a gift for Healers...of people, and the World... Or anyone who wants to consciously participate in Nature's dance of creation, of which we are all an intimate and important part.
    • Gemstone Attributes

      Rainforest Jasper: Recognizing our interconnection to all things and using that connection to heal each other and the world; reminds us that life is precious and to take joy in living; Assists in consciously participating in the dance of creation; Connection with the Mother Earth and Nature; helps alleviate grief & depression and supports a zest for life.

      African Turquoise: Stone of wholeness & well-being, communication & truth, balancing, calming, spiritual expansion.

      Chrysocolla: Communication & truth; expression of the sacred; goddess energies; gentleness & power.

      Peridot: A stone of the Sun, of prosperity and "increase", it supports us in learning to gently expand our ability to receive from the Divine Source, the energy of Universal Love abundance. It is associated with the Solar plexus and Heart Chakras, helping to integrate Love and Will. It is also a stone of well-being and helps alleviate heaviness of the heart. Peridot is also said to be a stone of the fairy realm and Nature spirits, helping us to connect with nature and all it offers.

      Clear Quartz: Clarity, Intention, holds programmed energies, spiritual awareness, amplifies energies of other stones.

      Infinity Symbol: Limitless possibility and power, Wholeness, Completion

      Trinity Symbol: Body, Mind & Spirit 

      This quartz has been lovingly infused with the energy of higher consciousness for your graceful personal & spiritual evolution.

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      All sales are final.

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