This piece is made to order. I no longer have any raw diamond left. Please allow 2-3 weeks. The bracelet in the photo fits wrists up to 6 inches. Can adjust larger. Please indicate your wrist size when ordering.

Personal Transformation Bracelet

  • Aquamarine: Seeing yourself clearly. Initiation and new perspective in seeing the Inner Self. A crystal of spiritual vision, soothing and calming, facilitating high states of awareness. One of best stones for clear communication & understanding other viewpoints, clears emotions, also helpful for moving through grief and clearing old patterns.


    Chrysoprase: Spiritual detoxification. A stone of forgiveness, compassion and hope. It is a heart chakra stone, assisting in expanding the Heart Field. It helps us in understanding our interconnection with all things, creating feelings of connection and alleviating feelings of separation or issolation. Being a Heart stone, it is excellent for manifestation work related to new relationships, in this case a new relationship with our Self. It assists us in identifying old patterns and habits we bring to relationships, allowing us to clear them before they create blocks and obstructions. It is helpful in releasing attachment to fear-based emotions and belief systems, which hold us back from progressing and standing in our strength and power. It also activates the heart field, encouraging our growth into a state of Love and Compassion, which is vital to the "right use" of our strength and power.


    Peruvian Opal: Purification. Activates the heart center while centering and grounding. Promotes a calm, centered mind. Supports one in communicating from the Heart. Said to help with stress reduction and fatigue.


    Emerald: Releasing old, stagnant perceptions. Love, Hope, Compassion, Healing & Abundance. Traditionally used as a stone of love due to the belief it can help clear and strengthen the emotional heart center.


    Garnet: staying true to yourself. Grounds dreams and desires in the physical world. Manifestation. Opens the heart to divine love for self and others.


    Pyrite: Assimilating the world in a new way. Transforming the old. Through its ability to assist one in connecting to the energy of the earth, can be helpful in increasing stamina by channeling the energy of the earth through the body. It is an excellent stone to use in manifestation work. It encourages one to take action on one's ideas and encourages one to overcome fears and take action, specifically assisting in bringing forward a more confident energy. Spiritually it helps integrate high frequency energies into the physical body. It stimulates creative energy and healthy sexual expression.


    Ruby: Accessig your gnetic code and support during spiritual transformation. A stone of courage, passion and self confidence, Ruby is often used to become comfortable with the unknown and attract opportunities for sudden shifts in situations and perspective. At its essence, Ruby is a stone of the heart, opening the heart, activating the Heart Field and opening to synchronistic events in order to move forward in areas we feel stuck. It supports the will and energy needed to move forward, bringing optimism and enthusiasm for life. Ruby is traditionally a stone used to address difficulties during personal transformation.


    Green Onyx: completion.Amethyst: Clarity and calm. Stability, strength and peace. Maintains one's inner space in a state of balance and well-being.Raw conflict free white diamond: ascension, release and revelation: "I am confident in my spiritual evolution


    Raw white diamond, conflict-free: ascension, release and revelation: "I am confident in my spiritual evolution."


    Clear Quartz: Clarity, Intention, holds programmed energies, spiritual awareness, amplifies energies of other stones. Known as the Master Healing Crystal. Strengthens and stabilizes the body’s energy fields and promotes harmony. Amplifies positive thoughts and stimulates positive action when it is needed.


    Materials: Argentium 930 Silver wire (resists tarnish), authentic gemstones: Aquamarine, Chrysoprase, Peruvian Opal, Emerald, Pyrite, Garnet, Ruby, Green Onyz, raw conflinct-free diamond, clear quartz. On high quality jewelry wire (10 pound test strength).