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Precious 5 Organic Calendula Salve (2 ounce tin)
  • Precious 5 Organic Calendula Salve (2 ounce tin)

    PriceFrom $98.00

    An anti-inflammatory and skin healing salve containing organic Calendula infused in organic olive oil in my "Witchy Kitchen", and Five powerfully antioxidant and anti-inflammatory organic essential oils, plus Lavender of course!

    Each 2oz tin contains approximately 1.5oz of salve leaving room to mix Chinese herbal formulas into the tin (per your veterinarian).


    This product will liquify in hot temperatures, so be aware if you live in a hot climate or are ordering in Summer. I do my best to package and protect the product from leaking, but some mess may occur. For warm weather orders, I recommend carefully unpacking, setting the product upright and allowing to settle before opening. That amount of heat, short term, will not adversely affect the effectiveness, but can be messy. If you don't want that, please do not order in the summer or when the weather is hot near you.

    SKU: 444009
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