Meditatively created for your beloved dog. The quartz in all the Pet Protection Amulets is infused with energy during a special meditation, just like all AiliA Creations for people. A special gift of Love for the fur-baby that gives you so much. Emerald is a 15 pound bundle of love (for size comparison). This Amulet works well on small and large dogs alike. Giant breed dogs may require a larger clip size to fit their collar.

Peace Pet Protection Amulet

  • Amethyst: Peace; maintains one’s inner space of body and energy field in a state of balance & well-being.

    Clear Quartz: Amplifies energies of other stones. Holds programmed energies.

    CHAKRAS:   Ajna (Third Eye/6th), Sahasrarah (Crown/7th

    This quartz has been lovingly infused with higher dimensional energy for Love, Protection and Well-Being.

    Hand Made for your beloved by Erin Bannink

    Materials: Silver plated copper wire, silver plated sturdy collar clip, genuine amethyst and quartz. Love.

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