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Paraiba Tourmaline
  • Paraiba Tourmaline

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    Piece hangs 2 1/4 inches from top of bale. The paraiba is 1 and 3/4 inch long by 3/4 inces wide.


    Brazilian Paraiba (Cuprian Elbaite variety) Tourmaline:  A rare form of Tourmaline called Cuprian Elbaite Tourmaline from the Paraiba region of Brazil. Paraiba Tourmaline is a complex aluminium borosilicate with a high copper content which results in the characteristic “electric blue” or turquoise colouration. Cuprian Elbaite Tourmaline is also described as “Neon Tourmaline” due to the vivid “neon” blue colouration. It is often found in combination with Pink (Elbaite) Tourmaline and is quite rare.


    To put their rarity into perspective, there is only one Paraiba tourmaline mined for every 10,000 diamonds.  

    • Gemstone Qualities

      Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline

      Transformational: supports living in a state of compassion and accessing unconditional love. Supports the process of learning to love yourself, unconditionally, from the perspective of the Soul. Opens the Stellar Gateway, stimulating spiritual evolution and assisting in identifying the more effective path forward in living in your own personal Truth and in aligning with your personal path from the perspective of your Soul. It is said to assist in releasing stagnant karmic energies, karmic wounds, or mental constructs that are obstructing this positive forward movement. In this way, it can be a good assistant stone to deep personal work to remove detrimental habitual thought patterns and limiting energy constructs. 

      Chakra correspondence: Stellar gateway, heart seed, heart, high heart, third eye; aligns all chakras and seals the aura

      Emotional and Spiritual: forgiveness, releasing bitterness; clearing the subtle energy bodies from pollutants (from 101 Power Crystals by Janet Hall)

      The frequency of Paraiba Tourmaline in combination with Pink Tourmaline connects to the heart and throat chakras, opening both chakras so that one may lovingly express one’s emotions and feelings with a heart-centred awareness and to speak one’s inner truths. The combined energies support and help to balance one’s emotions, and to release negative emotions that are no longer serving one so that one may move forward in a loving manner.

      It helps one to be able to “see” and understand the lessons gained from one’s life’s experiences and to be able to move forward on one’s life’s journey with a positive, joyous outlook. Paraiba Tourmaline allows one to “be at ease” with oneself and others by being in one’s truth.

      Clear Quartz: Holds programmed energies and intention. Amplifies energies of other stones. Known as the Master Healing Crystal. Strengthens and stabilizes the body’s energy fields and promotes harmony. Amplifies positive thoughts and stimulates positive action when it is needed.

      Materials: Argentium 930 silver wire (resists tarnish), Authentic Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline, and quartz, on sterling silver chain.


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    • Care

      Protect from heat. Clear monthly in running water. Dry thoroughly afterwards. Polish with silver polish cloth. Recharge with clear quartz and by setting outside for a few hours in the late afternoon sunlight.

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