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Belly Butter and Scar Salve
  • Belly Butter and Scar Salve

    PriceFrom $30.00

    For 8 ounce orders (which is the perfect size for pregnant bellys), message me for a special order.

    • Ingredients

      A decadent blend of nurturing organic oils, butters and essential oils perfect for expectant moms and post-surgery.

      Organic Ingredients: Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Tamanu Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Arrow Root Powder, and essential oils of frankincense, neroli, helichrysum and lavender.

      The color of this salve changes from batch to batch due to the natural ingredients. The Tamanu oil, in particular, can vary in color from yellow to green depending on the time of year and batch. 

    • Seasonal Shipping

      This product does not ship well in summer as it will liquify in hot temperatures. In summer, this item is available for pickup in the Rochester Hills, MI area only. Contact me for availability and shipping options Fall through Spring, or for local pickup options all year round.

    • Return Policy

      All sales are final.

    • Storage

      This salve will liquify in warm temperatures. It is recommended to store at under 70F.

    • Testimonials:

      "I used the Belly Butter during my first pregnancy and I absolutely loved it! First, it smelled amazing and it was one of the few scents in the first trimester that didn't make me feel sick. Second, it was extremely moisturizing and despite my skin stretching a lot during the last trimester, it always relieved that itchy, sensitive feeling my skin had. And lastly, I truly believe it's the reason I managed to escape having visible stretch marks, despite my body changing drastically to accommodate my baby. I will most definitely be using this for baby number two!"  - Jessica

      "Working great on mum's scar from open heart!! Almost invisible about five months out. " - Colleen 

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