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Burn Balm

Burn Balm

PriceFrom $40.00

Heal sunburns naturally. This salve is amazing for soothing burns of all types. This salve should not be applied to broken skin (Perefect 5 Calendula Salve can be used in these settings). Test on a small area first.



  • Ingredients

    Organic Ingredients: Calendula Oil (infused with Oilive Oil), Comfrey Oil (infused with Olive Oil), Neem Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tamanu Oil, Bees Wax, Vitamin E, and Essential oils of frankincense, chamomile, geranium and lavender.

    The color of this salve changes from batch to batch due to the natural ingredients. The Tamanu oil, in particular, can vary in color from yellow to green depending on the time of year and batch. 

  • Seasonal shipping

    This product does not ship well in summer as it will liquify in hot temperatures. In summer, this item is available for pickup in the Rochester Hills, MI area only. Contact me for availability and shipping options Fall through Spring, or for local pickup options all year round.

  • Return Policy

    All sales are final.

  • Storage

    This salve will liquify in warm temperatures. It is recommended to store at under 70F.

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