The Zen Dog Combo Set includes one CTFO Amulet with "bling", and one 5ml eurodropper bottle of Zen Dog essential oil blend. Amulet comes with your choice of african turquoise, citrine, rose quartz, or amethyst "bling". 

Zen Dog Combo Set

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  • 1) For use with AiliA CTFO Amulet: Remove collar from your pet's neck. Apply one drop of Zen Dog essential oil blend directly to the lava rock and rub in. Replace collar on your pet's neck. The therapeutic aroma from the essential oils will passively diffuse into the air around your pet. Reapply essential oil to lava rock every 4-5 hours, or as needed.

    2) For use in ultrasonic aromatherapy room diffusers: apply Zen Dog to essential oil ultrasonic diffuser according to manufactuter's instructions.

    *Full strength essential oils should never be applied directly to your pet's skin.