This unique point is a triplet twin. This formations represents harmony in relationships, community, family. On 18 inch Sterling Silver chain.


Rose Aura Quartz is created by treating clear quartz with Platinum vapors for a permanent iridescent rose sheen.


Unique Triplet Rose Aura Quartz: harmony in relationships, community & family

  • Rose Aura Quartz: Associated with Anahata (heart) and Ajna (Third Eye) chakras, it is used to support feelings of self-love and confidence. Platinum, carrying the highest frequency of any metal, is said to assist in cosmic and interdimensional communication, especially for those with connection to the Stars. 

    Turquoise: Stone of wholeness & well-being, communication & truth, balancing, calming, spiritual expansion.

    Iolite: Inner vision, shamanic journeying, assist with linking conscious thinking with intuitive knowing, facilitates meditation, opens visionary centers; encourages hope, positive, calm & clear mind in the midst of adversity; helps in keeping clear perspective amidst emotions.

    Moonstone: Mystery, Intuition, Divine Feminine Wisdom and Power, Acceptance of divine timing.

    This quartz has been lovingly infused with the energy of higher consciousness for your graceful personal & spiritual evolution.

    Materials: Argentium 930 Silver wire (doesn't tarnish), sterling silver snake chain, authentic gemstones: rose aura quartz, moontone, iolite, turquoise.

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