Authentic turquoise pendant with with hand wired in 930 Argentium silver accent. Necklace measures 26 inches around. Guru Pendant (Turquoise and Quartz) hangs 2 inches.

Strong Spirit Turquoise mini mala necklace

  • Turquoise is a stone of wholeness & well-being, communication & truth, balancing, calming, spiritual expansion. Turquoise is said to help us remember that all aspects of ourselves are important in our learning, growth and evolution and assists us in valuing and integrating these aspects into a complete whole. Turquoise has also long been used by shamans as a power stone and a stone of protection during ceremony.

    Moonstone: Gem of the High Priestess, self-discovery, deep insight. Stimulates all aspects of psychic perception and can enhance visions and dream work. Acceptance of divine timing and understanding of the importance of taking the proper action at the proper time in order to nurture our creative power and reap the benefits of wise and patient action.

    Pyrite: through its ability to assist one in connecting to the energy of the earth, can be helpful in increasing stamina by channeling the energy of the earth through the body. It is an excellent stone to use in manifestation work. It encourages one to take action on one's ideas and encourages one to overcome fears and take action, specifically assisting in bringing forward a more confident energy. Spiritually it helps integrate high frequency energies into the physical body. It stimulates creative energy and healthy sexual expression.

    Black Spinel: Used to relax, release, and let go of worry and resistance. A stone of revitalization, it brings fresh energy where it is needed and helps replenic depleted energies. It is also a stone of new hope, releasing past associations so forward movement can more easily take place. Black spinel in particular assists in grounding high frequency energies in the physical bosy, helping one to integrate energies associated with spiritual growth and expanding consciouness. Through it's support of "letting go", black spinel is also helpful for those who are struggling with the grieving process or who feel past traumas are still significantly affecting their life.

    Ruby: Life force (energizes and activates the physical, mental and emotional bodies). Courage. Passion. Strength. Enthusiasm for life.

    Clear Quartz: Holds programmed energies and intention. Amplifies energies of other stones. Known as the Master Healing Crystal. Strengthens and stabilizes the body’s energy fields and promotes harmony. Amplifies positive thoughts and stimulates positive action when it is needed.


    Spirals: represent the divine ebb and flow of life


    Materials: genuine turquoise, quartz point, faceted rainbow moonstone, faceted "diamond" ruby, faceted pyrite, faceted black spinel, sterling silver accent beads and hand wired 930 Argentium silver accent. Guru Pendant hangs 2 inches. Necklace is 26 and 1/4 inches.


    This quartz has been lovingly infused with the energy of higher consciousness for your graceful personal & spiritual evolution.

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