Record Keepers are said to hold information and assist in accessing information. Here accented with calming larimar and peruvian opal, and inspiring iolite. Copper wire and 18 inch rose gold box chain. 

Record Keeper Quartz: Peace & Intuition

  • Record Keeper Quartz: Activates cellular memory and assists in retrieving information from your lineage or past lives. Assists in accessing your own personal wisdom, by acting as a key to unlock information stored in your cellular structure, assisting in your own processes of healing and growth for greater peace as you move through this life.

    Iolite: Inner vision, shamanic journeying, assist with linking conscious thinking with intuitive knowing, facilitates meditation, opens visionary centers; encourages hope, positive, calm & clear mind in the midst of adversity; helps in keeping clear perspective amidst emotions.

    Peruvian Opal: Activates the heart center while centering and grounding. Promotes a calm, centered mind. Supports communication from the Heart. 

    Larimar: Promotes tranquility and serenity. Soothes frazzled nerves and diminishes stress and fear. Reduces the tendency to become over-critical of yourself and others. Encourages letting go and allowing things to happen rather than trying to control every outcome. Retunes innate femininity and restores connection to nature. Said to help alleviate post-partum depression and relax the stress associated with parenthood.


    This quartz has been lovingly infused with the energy of higher consciousness for your graceful personal & spiritual evolution.


    Materials: Record Keeper Quartz, genuine iolite, moonstone and larimar. Copper wire. 18 inch rose gold box chain.

    Made for you with Love by Erin

    Materials: Record Keeper Quartz point, genuine garnet, vesuvianite and moonstone, Argentium 930 jewelry wire (does not tarnish), Nakamol bead wrap, a lot of love and a little bit of magic :)

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