Plasma Quartz with sapphire and emerald

  • Plasma Quartz: These Quartz are very clear and high frequency.

    It originates from the Pina Blanca mountain in Columbia. "Plasma quartz crystals are 97% pure quartz (most quartz is 75% pure quartz). Quartz, in general, is known as the Master Healing Crystal, strengthens and stabilizes the body’s energy fields and promotes harmony. Amplifies positive thoughts and stimulates positive action when it is needed. This particular quartz type is a relatively new find in Columbia on Pina Blanca, at high altitude and is difficult to mine. The high altitude is what makes this quartx extremely pure and clear. They say it is a type of Lemurian Quartz, although my experience with these "plasma" quartz crystals is one of higher dimensional and higher frequency than typical Lemurian Quartz.


    Lemurian Seed Crystal: Connection to Divine Feminine, Unification with Soul, Access to Ancient Wisdom, Divine Love, Expanding Consciousness, Access guidance from Higher Self. The name comes from the belief that these crystals are coded, or programmed, with Lemurian consciousness vibrations. Working with these crystals is said to bring the pure emotional/intuitive/spiritual awareness of the Lemurians. These crystals can assist in experiencing feelings of unconditional love and healing in the emotional body. These crystals also have a very soft feminine energy, which may help one feel a return to the soul, a feeling of increased sensuality, enhance one’s abilities in channeling and telepathy, and enhance meditations and healing work. Communication with one’s guides and angels may be enhanced.


    Pink Sapphire: Love, forgiveness, gentleness, strength and release. Engenders the strength of resilience. A stone of emotional and psychic protection. Assists in healing the wounds of past emotional traumas, opening to love, and facilitating compassion for others, even those who have wronged us. Helps bring the heart and mind into balance. Aids in expressing one’s emotions in a loving and kind way. Helps one develop the courage to be vulnerable in relationship and to remove limiting “protective” wall that one has erected against others due to fear, mistrust or past wounds. Balances Water and Fire elements, enabling one to both act in the world and retreat into one’s self to connect with inner guidance. A stone of passion and strength of heart.


    Yellow Sapphire: abundance and manifestation. Aligning one’s will with one’s divine intent and purpose.Orange Sapphire: playful creativity and loving expression. Aligns one’s will with one’s heart. Brings spiritual vision to manifestation.


    Emerald: Love, Hope, Compassion, Healing & Abundance. Traditionally used as a stone of love due to the belief it can help clear and strengthen the emotional heart center.


    Blue Sapphire: A stone of wisdom and learning, it is said to assist one in seeing beneath appearances to the underlying truth and speaking clearly from your inner wisdom.


    Materials: Authentic High Altitude Columbian "plasma" quartz, sapphires, and emerald. High quality Aragonite 930 Silver wire (resists tarnish). Thick 18 inch sterling silver chain. Quartz measures 1 and 3/4 inches in length and 5/8 inches across at it's widest point. Available in a 30 inch adjustable chain ( shown here) or 18 inch not adjustable chain (which will be a little thicker).

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