This bracelet comes in a 7 inch size to fit mosts wrists. Bracelets are made to order. Please specify if you would like a different size (measure the diameter of your wrist with a measuring tape or string, then add 1/2 inch - 1 inch depending on how tight you like your bracelets to fit.)


Add on a Calming Blend or Zen Blend: emotional and spiritual therapy essential oil blend for a discount of $20 (normally $29.99).

Moss Agate Diffuser Bracelet: Peace and Patience

Essential Oil add on
  • Moss agate: balance and stability for the physical and emotional bodies, patience and inner calm. It is considered helpful for dealing with the daily challenges of life. It assists in connecting with nature and is, therefore, grounding and beneficial in abundance work as it promotes a sense of being provided for, in all things, within creation. Encourages the “spiritualization” of all aspects of one’s life. Assists in replacing unhelpful or “unwholesome” habits or patterns with ones that are supporting to one’s Higher good and Higher Self.


    Place a few drops of essential oil on the lava rocks for therapeutic benefit and aromatherapy wherever you go.

    Materials: Authentic Moss Agsate, lava rock, metal bead, elastic cord, Love.

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