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Life Activation Gift Card

Life Activation Gift Card


Give the Gift of  Life Activation Energy Healing.

Activate Your Potential and Bring Clarity to Your Life.


This is an energy healing modality that must be done in person. Sessions are given in Oxford or Rocheter, Michigan and are scheduled with me through the website, text/phone or email liasted on the gift card. I recommend allowing 2 hours for the healing session.


People who have received Life Activation have reported the following:

  • decreased daily stress

  • improved energy

  • clarity around life direction or purpose

  • increased communication with your Higher Self or "Inner Guidance"

  • beneficial changes in perspective which can help you make positive changes in your life

  • an improved sense of connection with and enthusiasm for life

  • and much more


Life Activation is an ancient energy healing modality handed down for over 3000 years through an unbroken Mystery School lineage whose desire is to help humanity step into our full potential by addressing healing on all levels: body, mind, soul and spirit. 


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