Hand knotted 108 bead mala with in-line design for easy wear as necklace or wrist mala. Measures approximately 31 inches (will naturally stretch with wear). (My wrist in the photos is 6 inches.) 


This hand-knotted mala features Karen Hill Tribe silver. Karen Hill Tribe is an artisan community in northern Thailand. They make all their silver pieces using traditional tribal methods and primitive tools. Each piece is a handmade work of art. Karen Hill Tribe silver pieces are all 95-99% pure silver as compared to Sterling silver which is 92.5% pure.

Healing the Heart: Lepidolite wrist mala

  • Gemstone Qualities


    Lavender Lepidolite: Balancing emotional extremes and clearing the mind. Peace & serenity. It is considered helpful for those wishing to recover from grief or depression, and to alleviate anxiety. Spiritually, it assist one in efforts to stay in the present moment.


    Rhodochrosite: soothes anxiety and balances emotional extremes. Useful to bring comfort to the heart and soul and reconnect with one’s sense of power and purpose. It is a stone of forgiveness, emotional healing (specifically release of childhood traumas), creativity and the courageous heart.


    Ruby Zoisite: a stone for both comfort during times of loss and energy for healing or spiritual rebirth. Promotes positive states and emotions, bringing healing to the emotional body and a sense of vitality, purpose and power. 


    Raw Ruby: At its essence, Ruby is a stone of the heart, opening the heart, activating the heart field and opening to synchronistic events in order to move forward in areas we feel stuck. It supports the will and energy needed to move forward, bringing optimism and enthusiasm for life. A stone of courage, passion and self confidence, it is often used to become comfortable with the unknown and attract opportunities for sudden shifts in situations and perspective.


    Raw Pink Tourmaline: love, emotional healing. Assists in releasing stress, worry, depression or anxiety. Provides a centering, calming energy to “spiritually sensitive” individuals. Encourages one to appreciate the strength in vulnerability and to feel joy in the learning experiences of life.


    Kunzite: Divine love, activation of the Heart's knowing. Relieves stress. Releases blocks around the heart.


    Labradorite: Opens spiritual pathways and attunes to your soul's purpose in incarnating, connecting to intuition and guidance from your highest self. Assists in residing in a state of “being” and focusing on the infinite possibilities of the moment. Wearing labradorite helps one maintain an awareness of the multiple layers of reality occurring around us all the time. It strengthens & protects the energies in the auric field of the wearer.


    Clear Quartz: Holds programmed energies and intention. Amplifies energies of other stones. Known as the Master Healing Crystal. Strengthens and stabilizes the body’s energy fields and promotes harmony. Amplifies positive thoughts and stimulates positive action when it is needed.


    Karen Hill Tribe silver artisan beads. Karen Hill Tribe is an artisan community in northern Thailand that crafts silver pieces using traditional tribal methods and primitive tools. Karen Hill Tribe silver is 95-98% pure silver as compared to Sterling silver which is 92.5% pure.


    Materials: Authentic faceted Quartz, lepidolite, raw ruby, raw pink tourmaline, ruby zoisite, kunzite, faceted labradorite and rhodochrosite with Karen Hill Tribe artisan silver accents. Hand strung and knotted on thick waxed polyester cord for durability. Will stretch naturally as knots break in, especially when worn as a wrist mala.

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