Tourmalinated Quartz, obsidian and labradorite Mala accented with matte hematite, Sterling silver beads and a White Jade guru bead. Obsidian and tourmalinated Quartz protect and clear negative energies. Labradorite protects the auric field and opens the third eye for increasing our awareness of the unseen aspects of life. Hematite grounds and assists in carrying high frequency energies. White Jade is calming and promotes a feeling of inner peace. Strung on elastic cord for wearing as a necklace or wrap wrist Mala. Guru bead is wrapped in Argentium silver.

Fearless Mala: Obsidian, Tourmalinated Quartz, & Labradorite

  • Tourmalinated Quartz combines the properties of quartz and black touramine. Black tourmaline protects from negative energies and thoughts and clears the auric field of negativity and disharmony. Quartz is considered a master healer, holds programmed energies and intention, and amplifies energies of other stones. It strengthens and stabilizes the body’s energy fields and promotes harmony, amplifies positive thoughts and stimulates positive action when it is needed.

    Obsidian: Protection. Assists in reclaiming your power and bringing you into alignment with your spiritual path.

    Labradorite: Opens spiritual pathways and attunes to your soul's purpose in incarnating, connecting to intuition and guidance from your highest self. Assists in residing in a state of “being” and focusing on the infinite possibilities of the moment. Wearing labradorite helps one maintain an awareness of the multiple layers of reality occurring around us all the time. It strengthens & protects the energies in the auric field of the wearer.

    Hematite: grounding, manifestation and personal power

    Silver: enhances intuition and clarity of speech.

    White Jade: Claming, Inner Peace

    This pieces, like all AiliA Creations, is charged with the energy of higher consciouness for your graceful personal and spiritual evolution.

    Materials: Authentic tourmalinated quartz, Obsidian, Labradorite, Matte Hematite, White Jade, Sterling silver spacer beads, and hand wire with high quality 930 argentium silver wire (which resists tarnish). Strung on thick stretch cord to allow you to wear as a necklace or multi-wrap wrist mala. Measures 37 and 1/2 inches.

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