earrings measure about 8mm across and 10mm top to bottom. Hand wired with argentium silver. Rubber backs for secure wear.

Faceted Pink Sapphire studs

  • Pink Sapphire: Love, forgiveness, gentleness, strength and release. Brings the strength of resilience. Emotional and psychic protection. Assists in healing the wounds of past emotional traumas, opening to love, and facilitating compassion for others, even those who have wronged us. Helps bring the heart and mind into balance. Aids in expressing one’s emotions in a loving and kind way. Helps one develop the courage to be vulnerable in relationship and to remove limiting “protective” wall that one has erected against others due to fear, mistrust or past wounds. Balances Water and Fire elements, enabling one to both act in the world and retreat into one’s self to connect with inner guidance. A stone of passion and strength of heart.

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