Pakistan "herkimer" diamond necklace in sterling silver. Pair well with our Quartz "diamond" necklace. These earrings are made to order. Your earrings will be similar, but not identical, to the ones in the photograph. These are nartural quartz, so while I attempt to match the two earrings closely, they are naturally slightly different from each other. 

Quartz "diamond" earrings: expansion & grounding

SKU: 111001
  • Naturally double terminated quartz “diamonds”: assist in expanding one's consciousness while at the same time dispelling excess energy and grounding the body. Like all quartz, increases the energies of other stones and holds "programmed" energies.

    This piece has been lovingly made with the energy of higher consciousness for your graceful personal & spiritual evolution.

    Made for you with Love by Erin

    Materials: Sterling Silver wire, 16 inch baby box sterling silver chain, authentic naturally double terminated quartz "herkimer" diamonds from Pakistan.

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