Porous Lava Rock amulets carry calming aromatherapy fragrance for your beloved pooch. Use your own therapeutic grade lavender essential oil, or purchase one of our special calming blends, "Calm Dog" and "Zen Dog".

CTFO Deluxe Doggie Amulet: Rose Quartz

  • Calming Therapeutic Fragrance Orbs

    Dan said with all my jewelry making I had to come up with a dog line, otherwise what am I a veterinarian for anyway! These "CTFO" pooch collar Amulets were playfully named after one of Dan's favorite directives, which stands for "Chill The 'FOut". To be politically correct, the official descriptive is "Calming Therapeutic Fragrance Orb". These are made of porous lava rock which absorbs 1 drop of essential oils for inhalation therapy for your pet. Perfect for dogs with mild anxiety. We diffuse essential oils at the clinic to calm anxious pets (and their people) with rave reviews. The benefit we see there inspired this idea. You can put one drop of your own therapeutic grade lavender essential oil on the rock and give your beloved pet some calming aromatherapy goodness. I also created "Calm Dog" and "Zen Dog" blends, based on published research on anti-anxiety effects of essential oils in animals, for use with the CTFO Amulets. This design is Emerald-approved - she is a crazy sneezing dog and does just fine with these little essential oil carriers. 


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