Charoite: confidence, purpose and peace

  • Charoite: It assists in releasing internalized negativity and fear. Connects the heart and crown chakras to facilitate deeper spiritual insights and your path of higher purpose. Charoite helps activate latent inner knowing that can lead you to more clarity around your path of service in the world. Connecting with your gifts bolsters self-confedence and feeling of purpose and helps one to release resistance to stepping onto this path. It is also used to help one maintain energetic boundaries and gain greater clarity in interpreting psychic information. It is an excellent stone for those who do healing work.

    Apatite: Cleanses the auric field, especially the mental field. Psychic activation, stimulates the pineal gland, or Seat of the Soul.

    Moonstone: Acceptance of divine timing and understanding of the importance of taking the proper action at the proper time in order to nurture our creative power and reap the benefits of wise and patient action.

    Larimar: Promotes tranquility and serenity, soothes frazzled nerves and diminishes stress and fear. It is a powerful emotional cleanser. Reduces the tendency to become over-critical of yourself and others. Encourages letting go and allowing things to happen rather than trying to control every outcome. Retunes innate femininity, assisting in connecting to your feminine, intuitive and receptive nature.

    Black Spinel: Used to relax, release, and let go of worry and resistance. A stone of revitalization, it brings fresh energy where it is needed and helps replenish depleted energies. It is also a stone of new hope, releasing past associations so forward movement can more easily take place. Black spinel in particular assists in grounding high frequency energies in the physical body, helping one to integrate energies associated with spiritual growth and expanding consciousness. Through it's support of "letting go", black spinel is also helpful for those who are struggling with the grieving process or who feel past traumas are still significantly affecting their life.

    Materials: Argentium 930 silver wire (resists tarnish), Authentic Charoite, Larimar, Blue apatite, moonstone, and black spinel, on sterling silver chain with quartz embelishment.

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