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AiliA Premium Hand Knotted Mala without tassel: Larimar and Moonstone
  • AiliA Premium Hand Knotted Mala without tassel: Larimar and Moonstone


    This hand-knotted mala features Karen Hill Tribe silver. Karen Hill Tribe is an artisan community in northern Thailand. They make all their silver pieces using traditional tribal methods and primitive tools. Each piece is a handmade work of art. Karen Hill Tribe silver pieces are all 95-99% pure silver as compared to Sterling silver which is 92.5% pure.

    • Gemstone Qualities

      Moonstone: Gem of the High Priestess, self-discovery, deep insight. Stimulates all aspects of psychic perception and can enhance visions and dream work. Acceptance of divine timing and understanding of the importance of taking the proper action at the proper time in order to nurture our creative power and reap the benefits of wise and patient action. Traditional Chinese Medicine: Wear as a bracelet to ease transitions. Wear as a long necklace where the ribs meet the base of the sternum to support the Thymus gland (Immune system) and balance hormones. Indicated for major life transitions. Calms the mind and emotions, indicated to soothe agitation or anxiety. Helping us feel safe with a new phase of life or new opportunities, especially when we need to define the self according to external occurrences, such as with major life transitions - it asked "what do I need to do now, given the demands of the external world?" It is a travel and opportunity palace stone, used to attract the opportunities of a new phase of life and to feel safe when doing so.


      Larimar: Connection to Divine Feminine energies within yourself, very calming, feminine power, effective communication. Larimar is a throat chakra stone, and is therefore a stone to assist in clear communication, especially regarding boundaries and effective conveyance of one's emotions. It is a powerful stone for those who do healing work, in that it teaches respect, love and nurturing of one's self to provide the resources to be able to offer that to others. It promotes tranquility and serenity, soothes frazzled nerves and diminishes stress and fear. It is a powerful emotional cleanser and is helpful to facilitate emotional release during healing work and assists in clearing deep emotional patterns. Reduces the tendency to become over-critical of yourself and others. Encourages letting go and allowing things to happen rather than trying to control every outcome. Retunes innate femininity, assisting both men and women in connecting with their feminine, intuitive and receptive natures. A stone of Feminine power, it is said to alleviate post-partum depression and relax the stress associated with parenthood, supporting a state of confident well-being and relaxed knowledge of one's capacities.


      Frosted Quartz: Holds programmed energies and intention. Amplifies energies of other stones. Known as the Master Healing Crystal. Strengthens and stabilizes the body’s energy fields and promotes harmony. Amplifies positive thoughts and stimulates positive action when it is needed.


      White Jade Guru Bead: calming and promotes a feeling of inner peace. 


      Hand Carved Indian Sandalwood lotus beads and Karen Hill Tribe Silver Lotus Charm: The lotus symbolizes rebirth, and purity of body, speech and mind. The Lotus blooms from the murky waters in which it grows, representing the potential we all have to flourish with purity amidst challenging conditions.


      Karen Hill Tribe Silver Heart charm


      Karen Hill Tribe is an artisan community in northern Thailand. They make all their silver pieces using traditional tribal methods and primitive tools. Each piece is a handmade work of art. Karen Hill Tribe silver pieces are all 95-99% pure silver as compared to Sterling silver which is 92.5% pure.


      Materials: Authentic Grade AA Larimar Beads, moonstone, frosted quartz, and white jade with Karen Hill Tribe Thailand silver accent beads and Lotus and heart charms, Hand Carved Saldalwood Lotus Beads and hand wired 930 Argentium silver accents at the guru bead. Hand strung and knotted on Thick waxed polyester cord for durability. See mala care instructions to extend the life of your mala.  ill stretch naturally as knots break in, especially when worn as a wrist mala.


      Size: This Mala measures 38 and 1/4 inches in total length. My wrist in the photo is 6 inches.


      *NOTE: stone meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

    • Return Policy

      All sales are final

    • Mala Care Instructions

      All AiliA Malas are created with love and meditation, then cleared and charged with the special meditation I use with all AiliA Creations. All the materials have been hand selected for their energetic qualities and visual beauty with the intention of bringing you some happiness and assisting you on your spiritual path of evolution and awakening. As we each work to achieve our own growth and evolution, we are supporting each other as a global community of awakening Souls in the larger process of Human Evolution. Thank you for participating in this Awakening Journey!


      Care of your AiliA Mala

      Your mala is precious. Bathing, swimming, showering or participating in vigorous activity (including exercising or doing yoga asana) with your mala will bring extra strain on the elastic, wire or knotting in your mala and may lead to damage or breakage, particularly if you like to wear your mala as a bracelet. Keep in mind that frequent stretching is a normal cause of wear on the material holding your mala beads and will weaken the elastic or cord over time. Yogis and Buddhists, who are frequent users of malas, understand and accept that there is a natural lifespan to a mala. And that this lifespan represents the normal cycles of life and changes in our energetic requirements. In these traditions, when a well loved and well used mala breaks, it is taken as a sign that the mala has done it’s work for you and it is time for a new mala with a new energy. In eastern cultures it is common for the beads to be honored and thanked through a ceremony and buried to return them to the earth to be taken back into the natural cycles of energy.


      Regular clearing and cleansing of your mala is recommended, as beads will accumulate energy over time. In general, all malas can be safely cleared and recharged by placing them outside under the full moon or on a large piece of selenite. Personalized instructions for clearing and recharging the specific stones in your AiliA Mala can be found below.


      You may also clear your mala with intention by holding it between your palms while you meditate on loving thoughts, imagining that your mala beads are being infused with loving energy and that any low frequency energies are being transmuted and released into the ground for earth healing. Do this for 10-20 minutes, or until you feel that this process is complete. Finish your cleansing ritual by thank your mala stones, or holding gratitude in your heart, for the assistance that they are bringing you in your life and practice.


      *If your mala breaks I am happy to restring it for you at no cost (excluding shipping) within the first 30 days of purchase. For Premium Malas, like this one, I will waive the usual after-30-day restringing cost once. Afterwards I am happy to restring your mala for a flat fee based on the type of mala you have purchased and the amount of time it takes me to restring it and recreate the tassel.


      Specific instructions for Clearing your Personal AiliA Mala

      Your Larimar and Moonstone AiliA Mala can be cleansed in warm running water. Be sure to protect the tassel from water and dry the silver thoroughly and keep out of heat until entirely dry, as moisture and heat will cause tarnishing. Recharge your mala with clear quartz and by setting outside for a few hours in the late afternoon sunlight.

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